Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc. (a 501c3 non-profit)  145 Ninth St. #101, San Francisco, CA 94103 and PuppARTry Productions of Santa Clara Proudly Present "The Magic Paint Box" 

 "The Magic Paint Box" is a children's adventure/educational TV series (for ages 4-8), featuring Muppet-like puppets, colorful scenery (by the successful designer, John Mayne), and music (by  Adrian Baker, from the famous group, PaPa Doo Run Run).

The Magic Paint Box encourages children to learn the importance of communication, tolerance for others, and self-worth. They make friends with the endearing puppet characters as they explore and learn to utilize the world of their imagination with confidence. Imagination plays a big role in this adventure and imagination helps build better adults.

Enter Inspiria - the World of Imagination

Inside The Magic Paint Box

Margaret Rex - Creator and Producer, with the Magic Paint Box cast.

From left to right: Elloitt Ness, Madeline T. Squirrel, La Bella Diva, Chip, Butch F. Snugglesworth, Pixel, Ham A. Lot, Remy Brandt

Click on the picture to meet the puppets.